Stop Waiting


Stop sitting around and waiting like someone owes you something. Pointing fingers and dwell in the past. It’s not going to work out, own up to your own responsibility. Life has the ups and down sometimes. We help someone in life and thinking that they owe us something in return. It’s okay to help others without any expectations.

Pointing Fingers

Pointing fingers and making excuses is not going to cut. Do things with no expectation just progression. The more time you waste on pointing fingers and playing the blaming games. Life will pass you by before you no it and then you will regret not doing something to change your life.

If you want a better life with peace and happiness. You have to willing to let go off that hurtful past. Forgive and move on. I know we all are human and its to forget the hurtful past. Trust me it will take a lot of work. But with the effort, you put in. You will see result slowly improving

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Just that effort shows that you willing to start building yourself. And start a new life that was meant for you to be happy. Whatever causes you to be less than yourself. If it doesn’t serve any purpose in your life.

Saying no sometimes can be hurtful to others. Because we live in a world of yes. Where people expect yes all the time. It cannot be yes all the time when truthful they deserve the no answer. Be true to yourself and people will respect you for that. Are they may walk away, if they walk away. Let them go ,don’t chase after them. They were  not meant to be apart of your life journey.

Be Aware 

Beware of the people you surround yourself with. Life is too short to sit around and playing waiting game. Stop feeling sorry for yourself that the feeling of doubt overcoming your mind. Just try and post a boost of motivation and kick self-doubt to the curve. Build your confidence level up, and start working on your dream.

Life Can be Stressful

Find something that you love to do and start working on it. The road will get rough, long and lonely at times.  Learn to know when to say no, let and move on. I let go off thing and people that was holding me back, from achieving my goal.

Change Your Circle

I change my circle of friends, and to be honest I am so happy. Because it create less distraction, so I can work on my projects with a peace of mind.  I never get tired, I love what I do and I stay up late sometimes working. After the struggles I been through, I finally find something that I love to do. I have no time for blaming my past mistakes an others.


” Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


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