My Car Got Towed

I was out of town visiting friends, my friend lives in an apartment complex.  Early this morning on January 18th, 2018. I heard the plow truck outside. I instantly turn my car on to warm it up, I started cleaning the snow off my car. After done cleaning the snow, I went inside to have breakfast. We have coffee and toast together, and good conversations. After breakfast, I was ready to do some house work.

After been inside for Couple minuets, I decided to check on my car to make sure I park it right. The spot was empty, I knew right there that they tow my car.

I called the company

I call the office of the apartment complex and I asked why my car was towed. The lady was telling me that I didn’t register my car with the office. I told her I’m not a resident at this apartment complex. She takes my name and number and told me she will call me back. I explain to her that I move my car for them to plow. I brought my car back after they were done plowing. After I park my car and came back inside my car was gone. For no reason at all, they towed my car. I could understand if I didn’t remove my car and they must plow around it. The lady said, I did the right thing. She will get me answers and call me back with the update.

Company apologizes

She apologized and told me it’s a mistake. She will have the towing company bring my car back. I walked just couple minutes to the office. I open the door and turn my car on and drive away. Omg, this was how my day started.

I’m happy I got my car back without any out of pocket expense. I knew immediately, that the apartment company responsible for my car. Mistake do happen sometimes.

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