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MyTyme CEO

Hi, my name is Marlene Gainey CEO and Founder of MyTyme App, from the state of Connecticut. I’m a single mom with three children. I work hard all my life to be a good mother. I always believed education is the key to success. I consider myself a family-oriented person, that’s the reason I’m building my app called Mytyme. It’s a Family app that creates systematic memories of your life

My Contact information
Email: info@mytymeapp.com
Telephone: 860-327-2356


Pictures of the bar

My first job was a bartender, yes I can mix it up. I was a very good bartender as well, I worked as a bartender for over 5 years. While I was working the bartender job at night. I work a daytime part-time job at Macdonald. To help make up the money to take care of my children and pay my bills.

I decide to go College

I went to Goodwin College for a professional office assistant. For two years, I learn how to do excel PowerPoint keyboarding typing and a lot more. After receiving my certificate, I started looking for a job in the field of office assistant or customer service.

My first job after college

The first job I got was a customer service at a call center. Doing collections for a company name MCI. You all should remember that telephone company back in the days. Out of curiosity, I wonder what happens that company? It Just disappear like that. Any how back to my job experience. Now, I have the knowledge and experience to work in the computer field.

Looking job in technology field

I put a job application out to Cigna Healthcare for a customer service position. I receive a call to coming for an interview, I went in and I got the job.Yes, I’m so happy the pay is great and the vacation package along with the 401k plan was phenomenal.

Now I got the dream job I told few coworkers from my previous job. They applied and also got the job. After working there for almost two weeks. Without a reliable car, my best friend  and my boyfriend will drop me off. They were so kind to and picked me up from work as well.

Job became stressful

The job was getting stressful, I didn’t think it worth commuting back and forth anymore. My ride was not too reliable, I decide to resign. After I resign, I attend car sales workshop. They were talking about how much money a salesperson can make, selling cars.  And the six-figure they told us we can make selling cars was enough for me to decide I want to be a salesperson.

Walk around presentation

I have me do a walk around presentation, to demonstrate my skills. They wanted me to show them, how I would sell a car to a customer. The first thing they did was pop the hood of a car on the sale floor. After I did the presentation, they clapped and say congratulation to me. I started smiling, I felt a relief.

Job application

They asked me if I wanted to sell cars and I say yes. Right away they have me filing out the application for the job. I was very happy, I shouted hip hip hurray, I’m going to make a lot of money. I started working at a Saturn dealership.

No experience 

At that time, I didn’t know much about Saturn product, that they were not easy cars to sell. Saturn did come along way redesigning their product line. They did a good job redesign; the cars were looking sharp and have lots of features. I was not making enough money, I started to seek job elsewhere at a Nissan dealership.

Looking for new job

I send an application in for the job posted on the website, in a short time I receive a call to come in and see the Manager. The manager name was Jodi Mitchell I can’t forget that name. I went in and did my interview with him. He told me after the interview he will call me. To let me know what decision is is. The next day he calls too let me know i have got the job. Again, I was very happy, I went in and do all the paperwork for a new hire. I work for the Nissan dealer for 4 years.

My uniform working at Nissan

After being a car sale person for over eight years. I was getting tired of going outside to clean snow off cars. It was not one are two cars it was over one hundred cars. I was the only female sale representative.  My gender didn’t exclude me from help cleaning the cars.

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My Car Got Towed

I was out of town visiting friends, my friend lives in an apartment complex.  Early this morning on January 18th, 2018. I heard the plow truck outside. I instantly turn my car on to warm it up, I started cleaning the snow off my car. After done cleaning the snow, I went inside to have breakfast. We have coffee and toast together, and good conversations. After breakfast, I was ready to do some house work.

After been inside for Couple minuets, I decided to check on my car to make sure I park it right. The spot was empty, I knew right there that they tow my car.

I called the company

I call the office of the apartment complex and I asked why my car was towed. The lady was telling me that I didn’t register my car with the office. I told her I’m not a resident at this apartment complex. She takes my name and number and told me she will call me back. I explain to her that I move my car for them to plow. I brought my car back after they were done plowing. After I park my car and came back inside my car was gone. For no reason at all, they towed my car. I could understand if I didn’t remove my car and they must plow around it. The lady said, I did the right thing. She will get me answers and call me back with the update.

Company apologizes

She apologized and told me it’s a mistake. She will have the towing company bring my car back. I walked just couple minutes to the office. I open the door and turn my car on and drive away. Omg, this was how my day started.

I’m happy I got my car back without any out of pocket expense. I knew immediately, that the apartment company responsible for my car. Mistake do happen sometimes.

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My Journey  as a female entrepreneurs, I would like o to share. Some of my experience with you all, that I have to go through. To be where I’m at now, it requires a lot of sacrifices.

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First 2018 Snow Storm


I was out of town on business for few weeks. It was early in the morning at 6:30 am, and it was freezing cold outside with the temperature at twelve  degree. At this moment, I pull up in the front of my driveway. I  have to park on the side of the street.  Continue reading “First 2018 Snow Storm” »


My Projects

My Apps

My Projects, I want to share with everyone. I have been working hard on all my project from 2017, and carry over to 2018.


MyTyme Video

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New Year Resolution

New Year Goals

I know we all have our new year goals, that we would like to achieve. It’s a good way of starting the new year. Not carry over any unwanted baggage.

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Stop Waiting


Stop sitting around and waiting like someone owes you something. Pointing fingers and dwell in the past. It’s not going to work out, own up to your own responsibility. Life has the ups and down sometimes. We help someone in life and thinking that they owe us something in return. It’s okay to help others without any expectations.

Pointing Fingers

Pointing fingers and making excuses is not going to cut. Do things with no expectation just progression. The more time you waste on pointing fingers and playing the blaming games. Life will pass you by before you no it and then you will regret not doing something to change your life.

If you want a better life with peace and happiness. You have to willing to let go off that hurtful past. Forgive and move on. I know we all are human and its to forget the hurtful past. Trust me it will take a lot of work. But with the effort, you put in. You will see result slowly improving

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Just that effort shows that you willing to start building yourself. And start a new life that was meant for you to be happy. Whatever causes you to be less than yourself. If it doesn’t serve any purpose in your life.

Saying no sometimes can be hurtful to others. Because we live in a world of yes. Where people expect yes all the time. It cannot be yes all the time when truthful they deserve the no answer. Be true to yourself and people will respect you for that. Are they may walk away, if they walk away. Let them go ,don’t chase after them. They were  not meant to be apart of your life journey.

Be Aware 

Beware of the people you surround yourself with. Life is too short to sit around and playing waiting game. Stop feeling sorry for yourself that the feeling of doubt overcoming your mind. Just try and post a boost of motivation and kick self-doubt to the curve. Build your confidence level up, and start working on your dream.

Life Can be Stressful

Find something that you love to do and start working on it. The road will get rough, long and lonely at times.  Learn to know when to say no, let and move on. I let go off thing and people that was holding me back, from achieving my goal.

Change Your Circle

I change my circle of friends, and to be honest I am so happy. Because it create less distraction, so I can work on my projects with a peace of mind.  I never get tired, I love what I do and I stay up late sometimes working. After the struggles I been through, I finally find something that I love to do. I have no time for blaming my past mistakes an others.


” Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


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I Hit Rock-Bottom

How I hit rock-bottom couple years ago selling cars. In this business, a steady salary is not guaranteed. Sometimes you will get a big check or a small check. Thinking that’s things will get better for me, it never did it get worse. Now I was way behind on my payment. The bill collector call me everyday and I just ignore them.  Continue reading “Rock-Bottom” »


Start Doing

Stop dreaming and start doing, start by cut ties with friends and family that doesn’t support your dreams. Love your family doesn’t matter what because they are your family. Surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed all the time.  Continue reading “Start Doing” »